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E Block
No 432
Quick run to the super market located in the lower ground of the building for some snacks and drinks, and then all is set for tonight’s party.
E Block
No 911
A fierce discussion starts on the radio which is left on for accompanying Çakıl at home.
E Block
No 600
A phone call wakes him up. Trying to fully waken up, he prepares himself some tea he brought with from the Far East.
D Block
No 610
The house smells clean and fresh. The maid closes the front door behind herself with full sense of satisfaction with her work.
D Block
No 349
The teenager interprets herself as a superstar, turning on loud music, using her hairbrush as a microphone and dancing by the mirror.
D Block
No 599
Ege is being breastfed by the mother whilst the father is hanging his son’s name onto the door; “Ege, Ege”…
C Block
No 758
Welcoming the clients to her Home Office with homemade cake, the young architect conducts her presentation in her “Office” section.
C Block
No 422
The young lady is constantly interrupted from her peaceful reading as her mother bemoans, “I couldn’t get used to these elevators”.
C Block
No 543
As Ella walks into the room, everybody starts singing “Happy Birthday Ela” in harmony amongst laughter’s and applauses.
B Block
No 701
After carefully selecting some fresh vegetables from the grocery store on the ground floor, the mother goes for her daily walk on the treadmill in the building’s lower ground gym.
B Block
No 815
Finished with his daily exercise and late snack, the musician turns on the speakers in his bathroom to enjoy one of his favorite CD’s.
B Block
No 945
Between all the boxes and paper wraps, a telephone rings. Mom and Dad are asking what floor the apartment is on.
A Block
No 1184
A silent apartment looking over Istanbul’s clouds patiently waits for its new owner to arrive.
A Block
No 1257
As he prepares his palette, the sound of his brush touching the canvas can be heard…
A Block
No 1361
The twins’ piano teacher has arrived. While the notes played by little hands echo through the apartment, Sylvie reads her book.