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E Block
No 432
On one side of the terrace, a group of people is dancing around the DJ, while on the other side there is a more relaxed conversational atmosphere.
E Block
No 911
While Çakıl the dog is dreaming, he suddenly wakes up as the feet underneath pull off.
E Block
No 600
After a long journey, this owner cannot hide is eagerness to finally be back in his apartment.
D Block
No 610
The dishwasher is running without disturbing the quietness in the house.
D Block
No 349
A flower’s leaf falls onto the terrace.
D Block
No 599
Wining sound from the baby’s room awaken the mother in the middle of the night.
C Block
No 758
The architect dreams of himself working in his Home Office even during her sleep.
C Block
No 422
With the cat sleeping at the young couple’s feet, the household wakes up as the cat prowls around the house.
C Block
No 543
On his fingertips, Grandpa goes to the bathroom.
B Block
No 701
The mother checks on all her kids one last time before going to bed with and embracing her husband.
B Block
No 815
As there is only silence in the air, the artist sits down to play his acoustic guitar to create a new melody.
B Block
No 945
The young man sleeping turns towards his wife and holds her tightly, thinking he wants to sleep like this for a lifetime .
A Block
No 1184
Quiet apartment illuminated by the moonlight.
A Block
No 1257
The owner of the apartment woke up early to catch the colorful morning skies from his living room’s window.
A Block
No 1361
Whilst everyone is still asleep, one of the residents has already started the day with meditation.