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E Block
No 432
To get the party started, the host turns up the volume slightly.
E Block
No 911
When his misgtress approaches the front door with her keys, the dog quickly rushes full of excitement to the entrance hall.
E Block
No 600
Neighbors at the travel pictures projected on the studio’s wall.
D Block
No 610
Tired from work, the lady throws herself in her favorite corner as soon as she enters her home. Without switching on the lights, she enjoys the sunset view from her couch.
D Block
No 349
Whilst the mother reads a fairy tale to her youngest son, the daughter is debating on life with her father.
D Block
No 599
The grandfather films the baby’s first bath, as the grandmother watches his son and daughter-in-law watching the baby.
C Block
No 758
To enjoy the sunset, the guests continue their chat on the balcony.
C Block
No 422
After a cozy home diner, the sound of popping corn can be heard whilst the family enjoys a movie in the living room.
C Block
No 543
The mother cleans up the confetti and mess left by the kids with a smile, as her daughter Ella plays with her new toys.
B Block
No 701
The older son hangs out in his room, the mother phones her friend to make plans for the following day, and the father plays with his younger son on their terrace.
B Block
No 815
With the good friend coming in, they discuss trying to save the world…
B Block
No 945
After a long day of setting up everything, the couple takes a toast on their terrace to their new home.
A Block
No 1184
The full moon rises and enlights the empty apartment with the terrace which awaits to be turned into life with its .
A Block
No 1257
Endless thoughts and notes being written on his post-it wall.
A Block
No 1361
The twins are put to bed. The nanny reads them out a couple of stories until both close their eyes, before going to her own room to finish her book and get a good nights’ rest.