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E Block
No 432
While a new day is about to start, the ones that enjoyed a rather late night are rather sleepy and heading for some rest.
E Block
No 911
Light rattles are heard on the corridor following by a bark, Çakıl is trying to tell its mistress its time for him to go for a walk.
E Block
No 600
Sitting in his reading corner and drinking his herbal tea, he’s watching the sunrise without caring about his luggage in the hallway, waiting to be unpacked.
D Block
No 610
After the 5th alarm goes off, she rushes out of bed and leaves the apartment in a hurry.
D Block
No 349
Chaos in the kitchen to grab breakfast as everyone is running late.
D Block
No 599
The first „Good Morning“ cry comes from the baby’s baby blue room.
C Block
No 758
Whilst preparing breakfast, the beautiful architect can only think of how convenient it is to work in the place she wakes up in, and sleeps in the place she works at.
C Block
No 422
Waking up before his alarm goes off, the young man gently gets out of bed to avoid waking up his wife, leaving the room on the tip of his toes.
C Block
No 543
The smell of freshly made home bread comes out of the kitchen doors.
B Block
No 701
The alarm goes off in the master bedroom.
B Block
No 815
A new day is about to begin in İstanbul. The musician mumbles a line of his new melodies as he falls into a sweet sleep.
B Block
No 945
A covey quietly flies through on the newly wed couple’s terrace.
A Block
No 1184
At the dawn of morning, a family of birds can be seen flying by through the windows.
A Block
No 1257
Carefully peeling and slicing some fruits and mixing it with some yogurt, the young man is about to have a healthy breakfast full of energy to get him through the day.
A Block
No 1361
While the twins are finishing breakfast, their older brother quickly rushes to grasp a bite on the table before catching the school bus.