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E Block
No 432
He cleans up the mess and left over from the previous night, sorts out his laundry and starts to organize the house for the next party at night.
E Block
No 911
Hearing the footsteps of his owner at the door, the dog rushes towards the front door. The mother of the owner has come to bring some food for her daughter.
E Block
No 600
Resting on his bed, he goes through all the pictures he took on his travels, remembering the good times and memories.
D Block
No 610
When one of her favorite songs comes on, she turns up the volume slightly. She wipes the floor to the rhythm of the music.
D Block
No 349
Peaceful sound of a foamy bath tub filling up coming from the bathroom.
D Block
No 599
The young father came home early from the office; he could not stand being away from his new born baby for too long.
C Block
No 758
After recuperating energy by the pool over lunch time, the architect enters into work mode immediately afterwards to finish her presentation in her Home Office.
C Block
No 422
Dimmed lights and soft classical music playing in the background, the young lady enjoys reading a romance novel in her “reading corner”.
C Block
No 543
Friends and family started arriving for Ella’s 7th birthday. Colorful presents are piling up in the entrance hall.
B Block
No 701
The household cannot be left foodless, so the mother goes out to get some groceries before preparing her kids their favorite meal.
B Block
No 815
After a nice long swim, it is impossible to avoid the fresh sandwiches and fruit juices at the café in Block B.
B Block
No 945
The couple is overly excited about allocating all of their furniture in the apartment and start a new chapter in their lives.
A Block
No 1184
An elegantly dressed sales representative kindly awaits the family at the door to review the wonderful features of the apartment.
A Block
No 1257
After his morning tea and breakfast, the artist sits down to start a new painting taking inspiration from the lively scenery.
A Block
No 1361
It’s time for the nanny to take the twins downstairs to their swimming lesson. In the meanwhile, she takes some time for herself to relax.