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E Block
No 432
Those who have to work the next day slowly get going, requesting another house party to happen soon. Meanwhile, the others carry on dancing.
E Block
No 911
After wandering around all the rooms and making sure home is safe, Çakıl jumps at his mistress’ bad and lays down on her feet.
E Block
No 600
After catching up with each and every one, the neighbors return back to their home and the owner heads of for a good nights’ sleep.
D Block
No 610
Late at night, the owner blenches as he watches a scary movie.
D Block
No 349
All family members are dispersed into their own dreams…
D Block
No 599
In the middle of the night, Ege’s cries waken his parents up.
C Block
No 758
The computer is turned off in the “Office”, before enjoying a Jasmin tea in her “Home”.
C Block
No 422
While the woman rests her head on her husband’s lap, the cat gently crawls up on the other side to seek the attention of its owner. The young man grabs them both and carry them to bed.
C Block
No 543
After a long day of running errands, the mother’s eyes are slowly closing on their own.
B Block
No 701
Keyboard sounds from the older son’s room disrupt the quietness present in the house.
B Block
No 815
The musician packs up his stuff to go on tour, turning off the lights in his studio one by one.
B Block
No 945
The couple anxiously crawls into bed to have a first night of rest in their new home.
A Block
No 1184
Laughters at the corridor can be heard late at night… the neighbors must have just gotten back home from watching the derby in the lobby.
A Block
No 1257
After listening to the same classical music CD for 3 times, the painter decides to call it a night as he turns off the music and lights.
A Block
No 1361
The last noise in the house comes from the elder son’s room, who has just shut down his computer.