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E Block
No 432
After coming back from running, he takes an indispensable warm shower and cup of dark coffee to fight his sleep and goes to wake up his younger brother.
E Block
No 911
As the sun gets through the window and enlight its golden hair, Çakıl is dreaming about the brown hair dog living in the next block.
E Block
No 600
The long travels and heavy eyelids have made the owner unable to fight his sleep much longer…
D Block
No 610
Loud music playing from the radio. The lady prepares meals for the week and stores them in the fridge and freezer.
D Block
No 349
Starting her day with a swim, she continues with a session of yoga with a view on the Princes’ Islands.
D Block
No 599
The new mom is brestfeeding baby Ege on the swinging chair accompanied by a slow music.
C Block
No 758
Can you imagine the pleasure of enjoying and relaxing at the pool during your lunch, processing solutions in your mind for a new project?
C Block
No 422
Enjoying music whilst cleaning up the house and watering the plants, the young housewife turns on one of the music channels on TV.
C Block
No 543
The mother finishes preparing the meal, and the father runs down to the bakery for some cake. Meanwhile the kids listen to their grandfather’s stories.
B Block
No 701
After the mother drops off her youngest son at the nursery, she returns to a peaceful and quite home, to enjoy a cup of coffee on her floor garden.
B Block
No 815
In order to stay fresh for the long day ahead of him, the musician goes down to the indoor swimming pool for a swim.
B Block
No 945
All the parcels were brought up to the apartment and dispersed to the rooms according to their labels, waiting to be unpacked.
A Block
No 1184
The sun is shining through the empty apartment’s kitchen windows, eagerly waiting for its new owner.
A Block
No 1257
The intercom rings; the concierge is calling to tell the courier has just arrived to pick up the painting.
A Block
No 1361
After running around in the park and playground, the twins come home hungry. Their nanny prepares them some meatballs, mash potatoes and spinach to fill their appetite.